Friday, September 21, 2018

*EXCERPT* Promised at the Moon by Rebekah R. Ganiere

If he can save her from her past, she could be his future. Natasha Moon is running for her life. Liam Grey avoids attachments at all costs. But when beautiful, fragile Natasha shows up desperate for more than just a place to stay, his inner wolf howls for a chance to give—and be—everything she needs.



Liam leaned in, scooped her into his arms and held her against him. Her arms wrapped around him in a fierce grip. Sobs racked her body as he stroked her hair and shooshed her. The horror of what had been done to her was almost enough to send him to find this Daniel for himself and beat him to a bloody mess. But the soft press of her body against his soothed him against the building rage.

When her cries lessened, he pushed her from his chest and lifted her head. He wiped the tears from her cheeks with his thumb.

“Natasha. You’re safe here. No one will ever tell him where you are.”

She sniffled and swiped at her face. Even with her puffy eyes and red nose, she was beautiful. He cupped her face tenderly. Her gaze drifted to his mouth and she licked her bottom lip. He shouldn’t do this. She deserved more, better. He had nothing to give her. Nothing but himself.

Liam leaned in and captured her warm, sweet breath in his mouth. His lips brushed hers and a moan escaped her.
All thoughts fled his mind, and his resolve snapped easier than a toothpick. He pressed his lips to hers hard, and she wrapped her fingers in his hair and guided him to her. Her tongue plunged into his mouth, hot with need. Goosebumps blanketed his skin as his wolf howled in triumph. There was no way to deny it anymore. He wanted her.

Laying her on the sand, he covered her body with his and ran his hand down the length of her body. Her flesh molded into his palm. Her hands outlined his arms, sending chills up his spine. The need to have her overwhelmed him as he ran his tongue over the beautiful U of her collarbone and then kissed his way across the dip of her neck.
Her body quaked beneath his touch on her silky calves. He pushed her dress above her knee, letting his hips rest on her slender thigh.

He peeled his leather coat off her and kissed down to her exposed shoulder, licking at her scars, and making her shiver. The way she called his name as her breath caught sent his need skyrocketing.

“You are so beautiful.” He ran his tongue over her collarbone again and swirled it down between her breasts. She bucked her hips and ground against him. Desire to feel her skin, to taste her, to make her his overwhelmed every sense of reason. Her hands tangled in his hair and she pulled on it hard, making his pants suddenly too tight to contain him.

He tugged her skirt higher. His hand moved slowly up the inside of her leg.

“Liam,” she gasped.

Her scent swirled around him, making his head fuzzy. Jasmine and musk. He grabbed her hip and pressed his fingertips into the protruding bone. Rubbing his body against hers made her scent grow stronger still and his arousal spike so hard he thought he’d lose all control.
It wasn’t rational to feel so connected to another person after only a month, but he did. He’d shared things with her that he’d never shared with another. And he wanted to share more with her. He wanted to share everything.

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