Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Interview with Decadent Kane

Decadent Kane

Can you believe it's the middle of August already? I recently went on vacation to Yellowstone for the first time, and I live in Wyoming, it was a big deal. I loved seeing the painted pots and all the wonderful scenery. But I missed being around my readers online, so I'm happily jumping in with both feet with all of you!

If you don't know much about me, here's the highlights: My name stems from an online burlesque name generator (best pen name ever). I write sexy elves, shifters, and demons. And last and possibly the most important thing you can know about me... Dean Winchester is my obsession.


What sparked the idea for your first (or latest) series?

I spoke with another author about a mutli-author series, one where books are written around a basic them, like Zodiac Shifters, and then each book stands alone so they don't have to be read in order. I loved this idea. But they take it a step further and try to make it more than a normal wolf shifter or something common (though those exist as well). So I researched some myths and fell in love with the Chimera myth. The research sparked characters to come to life in my head...and my Dark Khimairan series was born. 

Only the Khimairan lore in my books, is like nothing you have ever heard before. *winks*

He's the leader of the Khimairan shifters and that won't save him from turning primal. Once his beast takes over…there's no coming back. Unless he can find his mate before he turns, killing everyone he holds dear. When Bailey walks into his life, he thought he'd found everything he needed as his Leo zodiac mark was invoked. However, she wants nothing to do with Khimairan shifters and knows nothing of her real heritage...


What are your top 5 song picks for a writing session?

Songs? Well... I don't listen to music during a writing session. I actually need a lot of quiet to sit and write. I can't even handle basic background noise like the TV being on etc... 

In that sense I actually envy the semi quiet life of my elves. Especially Joren, my elf pirate captain. He can sail away, and while the water may be rough, he has the peace he needs. Well at least until he meets his mate and he realizes land can have just as much to offer, as long as her stole isn't stolen in the process of trying to win her over.

When Pepper set out for the day, the last thing she expected was to come face to face with a pirate. But when she locks eyes with the Captain, she's ready to let him pillage or plunder whatever he wants. At least until his drow shipmate decided to steal her for himself.

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Who would you pick to play one of your heros in a movie? Why?

To play one of my heroes...I think the hero would have to be Reed from Tempting Clover, one of my sexy elf books. And I'd pick... Jensen Ackles. 

Come on...can't you just imagine an elf...who owns a bar... and the lead female, Clover, gets him all hot and bothered only to leave him hanging, unzipped in front of customers while she disappears into the nether... Yummy. Giggles. He'd be splendid as an elf. Okay- maybe it's because I'm obsessed with Dean Winchester...

Reed's life was simple, own a bar, walk to work, fight a little. He didn't expect to tangle with a wanton elfess who disappeared on him not once but twice. Let alone save her from a depraved goblin. He'd sworn off women like her for good, so why did he feel the need to protect her?


What's next?

Up next is a new series. Last year I was asked last minute to participate in a boxed set. I had a single week to write a story- 2 weeks to get it edited and have it turned in by the end of week 4. Because of the short time frame- I created a shortened version of the story I really wanted to tell. 

Now I have the rights back and I added a whole bunch of story details, finished plot pieces, and character stuff to round out the story. It's about a Siberian Dragon who has his scales stolen. His mate ends up being the broker for the people trying to sell said scales on the darknet. And she has a fun way of getting his attention...which includes using her mirage magic to look exactly like him. Shifting Facade is the first book in my Siberian Paradox series and is currently available for pre-order. It will release October 2018.

After Grigori's dragon scales are stolen, he catches a lead in Paradox City. The culprit? A sassy little thing who masquerades as him to make a sale! He might have found that adorable if she hadn't taken his dragon powers too. Intrigued by the female's abilities, Grigori set his sight on claiming what is rightfully his, and in the process, the female just might find her way to her knees...



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