Friday, June 22, 2018

Taming the Beast by Sedona Venez

She refuses to love. He’ll stop at nothing to have her. Together, can they fulfill their deepest desires?



I was stark naked—again. With huge ebony breasts swaying, ass jiggling, and designer stiletto-encased feet slapping against the dewy grass, I sauntered over to the center of the clearing.

Perching myself on top of the smooth boulder—or what I now lovingly called my rock of shame—I surveyed my recurring fixation.

My heart seemed to freeze and then pound. “Damn. You’re such a beautiful kitty,” I whispered.

Water cascaded off the tiger’s magnificent reddish-rusty coat with narrow dark-brown stripes as he prowled out of the river toward me with rippling muscles. Its chest, throat, muzzle, and the insides of its limbs were creamy with a milky-colored area above the eyes that spread onto his cheeks.

When I extended my hand, he tilted his large head down, rubbing against it with a chuff-chuff sound.

“Hello, my big kitty. I’m happy to see you again, too,” I answered his greeting. My digits trailed up to the white spot present on the back of its ear.

He nudged my hand away before circling me, his fur caressing my bare legs while I admired the prominent ruff on his head and long tail ringed with noticeable dark bands.

Warmth radiated throughout my body as his fur deliciously tickled me.

“Every dream, you bring me here to watch you swim, and I still don’t know why.”

My mouth fell open when a deer pranced up to the river and drank from it, completely oblivious to the tiger’s presence.

The tiger stilled, waited, and then pounced. The deer didn’t even have a chance to run away before the tiger’s big-as-saucers paws latched on to its hindquarters, bringing down the deer. The tiger gripped its neck, delivering a crushing bite to its prey. The deer stopped thrashing.

My fingers touched my parted lips before I closed them. “Holy shit.”

This was a new addition to my nightly dreams. He’d never killed game before.

Wasting no time, the tiger dragged its dinner toward me, laying the carcass at my feet like an offering.

I gave him a weak half smile, trying desperately not to hurl at the sight of the dead deer. “Thank you, kitty, but it’s a little . . . rare for me.”

He flicked his tail, making a chuff-chuff sound, before his limbs quivered, shifted, and morphed into a very naked tall, muscular human.

“Elijah?” I stammered.

This couldn’t be right. Animals didn’t transform into humans, especially not into a man I was crushing on hard in real life.

“Yes, my Hope,” he uttered in a dark, masculine voice.

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