Wednesday, May 10, 2017

New Zodiac Shifters Book is only 99¢! Marked by Love

 Excerpt (Adult Content): 

“You drive me insane,” he hissed.

Before she could respond, Aramond pulled her to him, his lips claiming hers. The intensity in his kiss sent her into a spiral of need so raw, she couldn’t stop herself. She pressed against him, meeting his tongue stroke for stroke. Unwilling to let him go for even a moment, she tugged at the edge of his shirt. He didn’t seem to need any further encouragement.

Aramond broke their kiss long enough to strip the white T-shirt from his chest. The briefest hint of daylight filtered under the heavy curtains covering the windows, but it was enough for her catlike vision to pick out his broad and rippled chest. His unblemished skin, healed from his fight, took her breath away. She ran her hands over him, enjoying the strength beneath the soft skin.

A purr of pure admiration rumbled in her chest.

He fumbled with the buttons on her shirt, but his large fingers were too big to handle the small fasteners. His brow furrowed as he concentrated, frustration etched in his dark eyes.

Danae couldn’t bear to see him look that way, so she helped him, as eager as him to rid herself of the confining garment. She wiggled out of the shirt, and his eyes widened at her blue and yellow floral bra.

He toyed with the straps and his finger grazed along the edge of the cup, the rough calluses on his fingers teasing her skin. Her nipples peaked, her anticipation growing. He didn’t make her wait long. With a glimmer of pure reverence in his eyes, he trailed one finger under her cup and over her taut nub. A moan eased from her throat, and she gripped his biceps. The muscles tightened under her palms, hard and firm.

“I like your choice of undergarments. Floral is nice, but it has to go.” His teasing words were rough, deep.

A part of her melted for him, right then and there, breaking through a piece of her wall. He reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Tenderly, he slid the straps down her arms until the garment slipped to the floor. He stepped back and her chest ached at the loss of contact.

A breeze from the open window fluttered the curtains, the sound gentle like a moth’s wings, matching the tremble in her heart.

With deliberate intent, he perused her, studying her with his full attention. An appreciative smile curled his lip. “Danae…you are so beautiful.”

Her heart broke open at his declaration, and she ran her finger over his bicep and down his arm. “I can’t tell you how many times I…” …fantasized about you. She couldn’t bring herself to say the last few words. Her jaw tightened. He couldn’t love her, not really, and she couldn’t give herself to him completely.


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