Thursday, February 9, 2017

What I'm Reading Right Now



Megan's Mates
Ann Gimpel

After witnessing what might’ve been a murder, Megan is frantic to escape the Garden of Eden cult, so she catches a night train out of town. Wolf shifters Les and Karl, eke out a primitive existence on the flanks of the Canadian Rockies. Between Hunters who want to kill them and a wildfire raging out of control, they’re glad when Jed, their clan leader, shows up. And even more delighted when they see who’s in his car...


 99¢ ~ FR*EE in Kindle Unlimited 

Cecilia Lane

Dragon shifter Rafael, elite Dragonsworn guard, must protect the royal family from any and all threats, including their ancient enemy: dragon slayers. When one infiltrates their lair, it’s his job to destroy the threat even if her scent is as enticing as her lush curves. Lola hails from a line of dragon slayers, but her mission to prove her worth goes spectacularly wrong when she’s captured by an irresistible foe.


 99¢ BOX SET ~ SALE 

Feral & Taken
Laxmi Hariharan

Everything in solider-poet Jai Iyeroy's life has led up to his moment.  Everyone is counting on him.  And he plans to deliver.  But when Aria West comes back into his life, he vows to protect her—even if it means breaking his vow to the city.  Can Jai find a way to keep his promise while saving the only woman he's ever loved?


 99¢ SALE 

Traces of Poppy
Decadent Kane

Fate may take her life, but he will steal her soul...

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