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No cliffhanger! HEA ending! Novel length!

Dragons AND Mermaids!

When you break a curse, you open old wounds.
Caught up in the supernatural slave trade, mermaid Mila Sealight needs saving, not promises of undying love from a cursed, fire breathing shifter. But allies are scarce, making the down-on-their-luck dragons of Scotland her only hope.

When dragon Niall MacTeine boards the slaver boat with his brothers, he knows they are going to save people, he just never expected to be rescued himself. He's been cursed a long time and has started to give up hope.

Everything changes when Niall is thrown overboard while fighting the slavers and Mila gives him the 'kiss of the sea' to save him from drowning. That's when it hits him—she's the key to his freedom.

But breaking the curse that locks him in his human form requires trust and an open heart. Neither of which Mila gives lightly. Niall will have to prove he's worth the risk in order to claim his fated maiden. And he will pay the ultimate price in the process.

This is book 2 in the Maidens series but it stands alone. You'll have more fun if you read book 1 Kiss the Dragon (which was a USA Today bestseller) but it's not required.

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Up Next in 2017: The fourth book in the Huntsville Pack Series which will feature Adele and Davian's 'happily ever after.' 

Mid to late 2017: A new Urban Fantasy series (assuming the edits go well. I'm writing ahead a lot on this one to ensure consistency across the various the release date is nebulous.) And a new vampire project as well as starting the third book in the New Moon Wolves series which will feature Leo's 'happily ever after.' Leo's book will probably be pushed back to 2018 as it's started but not even close to being finished. I probably won't start working on it again until late fall.


  1. I can't wait to read the sequel to first moon, how much longer do I have to wait?

  2. When will the next dragon book be out?

  3. Michelle you are on driven woman, and I for one am ever so grateful that you are because I just can't get enough of your "gifts of the mind and heart" that we all love so much your stories!!! You are by far my favorite!!

  4. Michelle,
    When will you continue the "Maiden Series"?
    I read "Kiss the Dragon" as part of a box set
    and have been getting your email news letters ever since,
    hoping for the next book in the series.