Thursday, April 27, 2017

New Zodiac Shifters Book is only 99¢! Love's Warrior

 Excerpt (Adult Content): 

“This person we’re looking for is dangerous.” He rubbed his thumb against his bottom lip.

He did have fantastic lips.

“Someone besides the murderer?” Jessica asked.

His shirt collar was bent slightly. She curled her fingers into her palms to stop herself from smoothing it out. 
“Could be a different person. Or the two could be the same. I doubt the two investigations are unrelated.”

“How can I help?” Jessica tilted her head up, up, up to meet his gaze.

“You are to do absolutely nothing with this investigation. You are to do exactly as I tell you so you can say safe.”

“And out of the way.”  Jessica fumed. How typical of him.

 “This is not the time to play detective. I’m running the investigation with the vamp.  Someone will accompany you to breakfast then you may go to your lab until you’re retrieved for dinner.”

She’s forgotten how Carson could be such an arrogant ass.

“So you’re not my jailor?” Jessica headed for the door. Part of her wanted to flee the room.

Part of her wanted to climb that shifter like a monkey tree.

“It’s a sacrifice believe me.” Carson’s voice followed her. “I remember your preference for handcuffs.”


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