Monday, October 24, 2016

Wolf Pack Trick-or-Treat Newsletter Hop! Oct 26 - 31 2016

Welcome to the Wolf Pack's Trick-or-Treat Newsletter Hop!

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A bunch of Halloween treats from Wolf Pack authors.

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$25 Gift Card

1 paperback

3 ebooks

$5 Gift Card

$10 Gift Card + 1 ebook

$20 gift card

1 ebook + $10 Gift Card

$25 Gift Card

$5 Amazon Gift Card + 1 Kindle ebook

2 ebooks + $10 Gift Card

Surprise Swag Pack + 1 Signed Book

3 book bundle + swag + candy

$15 Amazon Gift Card

3 ebooks + 1 signed book 

$10 iBooks Gift Card + signed paperbacks

1 signed paperback + $5 Amazon Gift Card

1 ebook + candy + $5 Amazon Gift Card

1 signed book + bookmark + keychain + $10 Amazon Gift Card

1 box set ebook + 1 ebook + a pair of edible candy cuffs (Pink Cherry) 


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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Spooktacular Giveaway Hop 2016

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9 paranormal romances will teach you how to love a dragon...

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

What I've Learned About Wattpad...

I've recently been uploading stories or parts of stories to Wattpad in an effort to build a presence in that market. Here are some things I've learned/noticed...

1. The interface is glitchy. I title each part of the story and it often reverts back to the default 'Untitled.' I've even had one story grab another story's cover and replace the existing one...meaning I had two books with the same cover! It's so weird when data goes sideways like that! Fortunately, once I re-uploaded the correct cover, it was fine. The reverting back to Untitled thing keeps happening though, no matter how often I fix it.

2.You can message your followers. Whether they read it is another story, but given how often my newsletter ends up in spam, I like the idea of being able to send updates to followers that they might actually see!

3. Complete stories do better than unfinished ones. I have waaaay more reads on my complete novel than any samples or novels that I haven't finished uploading. So make a splash by posting a full, complete work to start. (And be sure to mark it as complete in WP's interface!)

4. Wattpad readers don't appear to like short stories. Works with just 1 or 2 parts will not see a ton of reads. This is not a market for short story lengths.

5. The preferred cover style on Wattpad can be different than what we see on ebook retailers. Be sure you look at the top read books in your genre and take note of the general cover aesthetic. You may need WP specific covers to attract readers.

6. Ask for votes and comments at the end of each part. I also will include promo for my other WP titles. Keep it short, but don't waste the opportunity to connect either. Oh and don't forget to say thank you!

7.You can upload video and graphics. Each story has a header bar that will support multimedia.

8. WP integrates with your social media accounts making it easy to let people know you have a new work or new chapter up.

9. Know what people are reading in your genres. While there are all sorts of books on WP and all different styles of story telling can do well, I did notice a good amount of first person Twilight style stories in my genre (which I happen to enjoy so not doggin' it at all!).  Your easiest 'in' is to write to the WP market.  If you see a lot of books with a certain style, your best bet is to post something similar.

(Note: My sense is WP is in a state of transition as with the royalty sharing program (authors get paid!) they'll attract a whole new writer and reader base. So things may change markedly in the next 6 months in terms of reader tastes.)

10. Be active in the community. Add books to your reading list. Comment on stories--there are a lot of new writers just starting out who would love some positive feedback. Do your best to connect with others.

11. Get your book featured on Wattpad. This will grow your reader base on the platform and can help you qualify for their royalty sharing program (where you get paid!). Once your book is complete, hustle for some reads and then submit it for review.

Wolf Pack 99 Cent Sale & Giveaway! Oct 12 - 14 2016

The Wolf Pack authors have cooked up a batch of 99¢ (or f*r*e*e) reads!

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Once you've been bitten, there's no going back...

She's been sold to a vampire to be used, so why won't he touch her?

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A crazy goddess is threatening to turn Wayrian's whole dragon shifter clan human if she doesn't mate with a human cowboy. But that's a deal breaker for her grandfather, who wants her to impress the new dragon prince... 

Vengeance and justice aren’t all that collide when a vigilante werewolf meets a beautiful detective.

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Raised to become the bride of a shifter, Avelyn is determined to regain her freedom, even when her destined husband is hot, hunky Alpha wolf Max Blackmane.

She was a girl without an identity. Until he gave her one...

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Trapped by a mutual enemy, they have no choice but to work together. 

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Wolf Pack Fr-eebie Fest! Sept 28 - 30 2016

The Wolf Pack authors have put together a BRAND NEW bunch of *NEW* FR-EE reads... just for you! 

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Going from pack zero to hero isn't easy...even if it means finding your mate.

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A cougar's claim will not be denied.

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A were-bear on a galactic search for a mate, and a human woman who holds the key to his survival.

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Can they put their differences aside and stop fighting long enough to help those in the line of fire?

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Arrogant billionaire seduces virgin PA. Dragoness breathes fire, declines marriage, demands love.

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I'll either be Nash's secret weapon--or the downfall of his coven.

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Stranded on an alien world, Wendy must save her crew with the help of the alien natives.

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Be thrilled and chilled by these tales set in Salem—the ultimate city for witchy and shape-shifting fun.

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It's not professional to mate with your alien bounty.

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She's a powerful witch used for her magic and he's the warrior that wants to capture her heart.

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Can their combined magic, all the love that they have and a faith in all they hold dear be enough to defeat the evil that’s sworn to destroy them all?

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An expected hero comes home.

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Her arrow pierced his centaur heart, but captured his human one.

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Are you ready to have your toes curled? One curvy, sexy woman plus two handsome Alpha wolf shifters = scorching, hot menage romance!

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Second chances don’t come often and Rhea is determined to embrace her freedom.

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She's on the run and he was sent to kill her, but fate has a different plan in store for time.

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A grown up Red meets her big bad wolf.

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A dragon's love is eternal.

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Running from the mob, Mia meets, Dominic, a sexy werewolf. Having a human mate is forbidden, yet she will be his.

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Spies, Lies and Lust Meet the angel blooded assassin Holiday

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A she-dragon about to lose it all, and a hunky hero who refuses to let her.

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A single touch by a powerful elven king could reveal a secret Princess Miriel and her family have desperately kept for over a century.

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A forbidden romance between a gargoyle shifter and tree witch on a mystical island.

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