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In Too Deep by K.C. Stewart

Visiting enforcer, Miles knows that something is shady with Lylia. She’s hiding something and he knows it. Determined to uncover her secrets, Miles follows Lylia into enemy territory. What Miles discovers is more devastating than he could have imagined. Now, Miles and Lylia must work together to destroy their rivals once and for all. But will teaming up lead to something more—something deeper—neither expected?

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(This is an unedited preview.)
She was closing the safe when her door opened. Miles didn’t bother knocking like any normal, sane person. He just barged in catching her off guard and scaring the shit out of her. There was a look of sad triumph on his face. It was still accusatory but she had come to believe that was just how his face was. This, though, she didn’t like the feel of this look.
Miles didn’t say anything but came in and dropped a bag on her desk then waited. All the blood drained from her face as she looked at the clear plastic bag, the one she had filled with money not even an hour ago. The one she had scribbled a hasty “fuck you” note on and taped to the bottom of a metal folding chair. The one that should have been in the hands of her blackmailer and not this enforcer.
“What have you done?” she asked with a hollow voice. They would expose her now. They would turn her pack against her, drive her out or kill her.
“Explain this,” he said.
“You have to take it back,” she urged, lunging for her desk. Lylia grabbed the bag and thrust it at him. “Take it back now.”
Miles shook his head. “Answers. That’s what I need. We can do this here, in private, or I can take you down to interrogation.”
“Miles please,” she begged. “If they don’t get this…”
“What? What will happen? What do they have on you?”
That was not an option. Telling him, of all people, would not happen. Miles was ruthless when it came to Canidae and his wife. Lylia knew both. She closed her mouth and shook her head. It was over anyway. He wasn’t taking that money back. They’d all find out soon enough that she had grown up Canidae and she’d face the consequences.
“You are going to make this difficult, aren’t you?”
Lylia steeled her shoulders. “Take back the money and I’ll make it easy.”
“I can’t do that,” he said.
“Then neither can I.”
He took a step toward her and she took a quick one back. Miles let out a frustrated growl. “Don’t run. You’re only going to make it worse for yourself.”
She rounded the desk on the other side as he lunged at her. With her heart pounding, when she had a clear shot at the door, she took it. Lylia was two steps into the hall when he grabbed her around the waist. They both hit the floor but he had taken the brunt of the fall having spun them so she didn’t land on her face. Even with the wind knocked out of him, he held on to her.
Arms caged around her. His mouth was at her ear, his warm breath heated her skin as he spoke softly to her.
“Lylia, please,” he begged. “We just need to talk.”
She fought because she had seen his version of talking. Lylia had never been a very physical person. She’d never thrown a punch before, but she did now. Arms and legs flailed as she tried to get free of him.
Their struggle attracted those on the first floor. Blurred faces appeared in the doorways, concerned voices telling Miles to let her go. Lylia barely saw them, she had to get free. She had to run.
“What the hell are you doing?” came an outraged voice above the rest.
“Lee, stay out of this,” Miles grunted as Lylia elbowed him in the stomach.
He rolled them so she was now face down on the floor. The grip on her wrists was like steel. His face was covered in blood, it startled her enough to pause. Had she done that? Miles turned and wiped his nose on his shoulder, blood smearing in the already stained fabric. Then one by one a thin plastic cord was looped around each of her wrists and tightened.
She didn’t stop fighting though.
“Stop Lylia,” he commanded. “You’ll lose circulation.”
“Let her go,” Lee said running over to them and pushing Miles, he didn’t dislodge. “Don’t worry Lylia, I’m calling Owen right now.”
Miles didn’t respond this time. He lifted Lylia to her feet, both of them heaving. Lylia’s bun had come undone and hung limply off her head. She had to wipe her cheek with her shoulder to get the hair out of her mouth and noticed that she was covered in blood as well. Miles’ nose was crooked and swollen. His nostrils flared and then he was tugging her, moving her forward. A dozen or so people watched on in horror as Miles pulled her to the stairs, to the interrogation and holding rooms.

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Wolf Pack Run ~ Huge Sale & Giveaway


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The day Alison walked through the door, her recurring dream became a reality. The man who always remained a mystery was standing before her. There were dragons flying overhead and a castle in the distance. She was now in the Azure Kingdom.

An alpha dragon and a curvy mermaid can fall in love, but first he has to convince her to leave hell… First time on sale! Get your dragon on today~


She’s got ninety-nine problems, but a litter box ain’t one. The catpocalypse is here, and it’s up to this witty, black-lipstick-wearing heroine to save the city. And its little cats, too.

Bear shifter, Emilie Williams is a Virgo through and through. Not only is she reliable, intelligent, and modest, but she’s also overly meticulous, cautious, and cranky at times–all qualities that tend to get her in trouble. After relocating to keep her identity a secret, she never expects to fall for a rugged, gorgeous wolf, who happens to have a delicious bite.

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A reluctant witch and her five infernal consorts have to band together to save the world…from her. Never-been-kissed Jordan will have to learn how to tame her apocalyptic power and the deadly men who will do anything to protect her, even if it means coexisting.


Lonely, grief stricken, and battle hardened, Boyd is one closed-off and tough pack enforcer. Big, strong, and powerful, he has spent decades alone after the tragic loss of his mate.

Essex Baker’s bloodline was hunted down and murdered when he was a small child. He is the last werewolf in the Baker pack and has a constant target on his back.

Protecting beautiful women is one of the perks of being a security expert. But when your wolf insists she’s your mate, it can be pure hell. Mate or not, Connor McKinnon is here to do a job, and he means to see it through. His wolf can just go chase his own tail for all he cares.

Gigantic dragon lord claimed by tiny elf. She dispatches him to the freezing depths of the ocean to retrieve her lost gold ring– with herself as the ultimate prize. Hot romance, laughs & magical adventure add up to steamy ereaders.


She’s on the run from her father’s killers. The clock is ticking. Will she get her telekinetic powers under control? Or will her enemies find her first?

Sexy vampire, Luca Macquarie doesn’t do love; especially not with humans. Yet, ever since he rescued Samantha Irving, he can’t deny the attraction he’s developed for the alluring mortal.  His mission is to go find the novice witch and bring her home; falling for her wasn’t supposed to be part of the plan.
The huge, hard-bodied male makes her look like a delicate pixie. He’s unreadable except when he’s kissing her senseless. Can she trust his desire when he won’t even take off his shades?


A stand alone book set in the vampire romance world of ‘A Vampire’s Thirst.’ Russian vampire Nikolai is struck by the Thirst, and only finding his Bloodmate will save him.

Mountain lion shifter Jackson is willing to risk everything to meet his online friend, Summer. But when his arrival sparks a wave of violence, he must decide whether to fight or retreat to keep her safe.
Audrey Levine thinks being bitten by a wolf is just another day on the job. She couldn’t be more wrong. First time this bestseller has been 99c in over a year!

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Anyone say menage? Love a good complicated love story with suspense and mystery thrown in? Hopefully her two males will save the day, but then which one will she choose?

Nadira is torn, should she be selfish and mate with the love of her life for all eternity? Or should she sacrifice their love forever, and let him go, in order to save him?


As a part-time shrink, full-time psychic, occasional firebird, and one of only two living Nunnehi–the Cherokee equivalent to a fairy–Tessa Lamar has her hands full. Add two opinionated mates, a nine-year-old pageant queen (who sees spirits,) and a serial killer… and sh*t gets interesting.


Can a disenchanted businesswoman convince a grumpy old dragon to give love a chance?

A witch gains a wolf side and find his mate all in one day. Amethyst wants to give her heart to Walter but she scared it just won’t work.

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Rising Darkness by Elianne Adams

He cannot die…
The phoenix will continuously rise from the ashes. For Zenon, this is his ultimate curse. Left to rot at the end of a chain for millennia, he is desperate to end the suffering of one horrendous demise, and rebirth, after another - to finally find peace. Desperate for anything other than his fated life of solitude. Desperate for his true death.

She cannot live…
Tormented by an unrelenting heart affliction, Nickie has to endure dying repeatedly. The physical pain of death is eclipsed only by the paralyzing fear of when her heart will stop beating next… and whether or not this time will be the last. That is, until she learns the myth of phoenix shifters, and the healing power they have over their human mates.

Together they could be everything…
An evil is rising. One more powerful than any the phoenix shifters have faced before. If Zenon and Nickie cannot convince the others to help, the pain they’ve already endured will pale in comparison to their future.

Unless they can convince the other phoenixes to help, then all humanity is lost.


Black, roiling clouds spun overhead, casting the day into darkness. The constant rumble and crackle of electricity in the putrefied air should have terrified Zenon. After centuries of captivity, he recognized the storm for what it was. A cover. Something was coming. Something strong. Powerful. Dangerous. But he was at peace. What was the worst that could happen—lightning would strike the metal rod he was tied to in the middle of the field like a forgotten dog? The creature that had somehow found him would chew at his bones until there was nothing left? He’d died through it before. Pain, like everything else, was fleeting. Once your heart stopped, nothing hurt. Until you lived again. Only then was the agony unbearable once more.

The scent of decaying flesh filled his nose, burning like acid in his lungs. He wasn’t the only creature held in that mortuary of a pasture, but he was the only one to live on with each passing season. Most died within weeks. The dragons were heartier. They lasted a few years—sometimes more—but eventually, they too, went to their final rest.

His animal didn’t give him that luxury. No matter what, the phoenix lived on. When the body gave out—in a blast of flame and glory only he was there to witness—he was reborn from the fire and ash. Magically returned to his prison. Alone. Chained. Useless.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Sorceress Awakening by Lisa Blackwood

When Lillian finds herself facing off against vampires and other mythological impossibilities, help comes from an unlikely source -- the stone gargoyle who has been sleeping in her garden for the last twelve years.  After the battle, Lillian finds out that she is something more than human -- a Sorceress and Avatar to the gods -- and that the gargoyle Gregory has been her protector for many lifetimes.

When she was still a child, troubles in their homeland forced him to flee with her to the human world. Now Gregory fears something from her childhood has followed them to this world. Extra complications arise when she realizes she’s concealing a forbidden love for her guardian. While she might be able to defeat the Riven with Gregory’s help, she does not know if her fragile new love can survive the evil growing in her own soul...

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Lillian smoothed the oiled rag down the length of her grandmother’s broadsword and frowned at the newly polished blade.

“He’s stone. Just a damned statue,” she muttered to the empty kitchen. “Stone, nothing more.”

The microwave’s clock glowed pale green in the dim light. Not really wanting to know the exact time, she avoided focusing on the digits and returned to sweeping the rag across the blade in a rhythmic motion. “I don’t…”

Love him?

Was I really going to say that?

Oh God, yes.

The scent of rich, warm coffee reached her a few seconds before the sound of gurgling announced the coffeemaker was finished. Lillian welcomed the distraction.

Polishing her grandmother’s entire sword collection had seemed like a suitable task when she’d jerked awake from a nightmare at some ungodly hour before dawn and couldn’t get back to sleep. Normally nightmares and insomnia didn’t plague her, but there was something new—a restlessness which reared its head every night just as the stars faded and the first pink tinted the sky with a hint of dawn. Only one thing calmed the restlessness—sitting with him, her stone gargoyle.

Mechanically, she wandered over to the coffee pot and filled the largest mug she could find.

Sipping her coffee, she scooped up her cell phone and headed out the back door.

Outside, gravel crunched under her shoes as she walked the twisting garden path. A cedar maze with twelve-foot-tall walls stretched out before her.

Reaching the maze’s middle, she came to a small clearing ringed by upright, waist-high stones. At its center, a juvenile redwood grew strong and proud, dwarfing its surroundings. Ten feet from the tree’s trunk, a stone statue lurked, partially concealed by dense shadows.

He crouched over his stone perch with a knee resting on the pedestal and his wings mantled around him like a vast cloak. While his one hand rested on his raised knee, his other arm gripped his side in a rather odd position for a sculpture. It saddened her a little, for there was a narrowness about his squinted eyes and a crease in his brow that hinted at pain. Interestingly, he didn’t look beaten. His shoulders were broad, head proud, legs corded with muscle, strength and majesty in his every line.

“Hello, old friend.” She looked up into his face, with its burly muzzle and curving fangs. His muzzle merged flawlessly into wide cheekbones. Large eyes were hooded by a broad forehead. Crowning his head were two massive horns that curved back and up like an African waterbuck’s. A thick mane of hair flowed in a stony river midway down his back.

The gargoyle was one of her first childhood memories. At the age of eight, after a near-drowning accident stole her memories, she’d been drawn to the stone statue as if he was pivotal to her survival. She’d always assumed her strange need to be near him was a result of her childhood trauma. Now she wasn’t so sure.

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Just 1 More - 5/3/18

I can't resist a great read and my friends always write the best books.

Take a look and see if you find anything you like.

I’m the last Salazar female left on Earth, but I’m still fully human, and I am not a bargaining chip. No way am I marrying my Dad’s business partner’s son, even if Diego does have a megatronic crotch. I’ve got to get away from the habitat. My old fly-only car won’t make it to New York, but it can take me as far the dragon island just offshore...

Friday, April 27, 2018

A Vampire's Thirst: Nikolai by Marissa Farrar

Russian vampire Nikolai Petrov is forced by his maker to a meeting in a shady nightclub run by werewolves when it hits him—a craving for blood and sex, like nothing he’s ever experienced before—and his darkest vampire desires are unleashed.

But then a delicious scent assaults him. That of his Bloodmate. And she’s in terrible danger.

Nikolai knows he has to find her. If he doesn’t, the Thirst will take hold for good, and the number of deaths will be catastrophic—including his own. But Nikolai isn’t the only one after his Bloodmate. An older vampire has paid to own her, because Nikolai’s Bloodmate isn’t purely human...

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“I can’t believe you’re asking this of me.”

Nikolai Petrov stood facing the floor to ceiling windows of his home, gazing out over the London skyline, so he didn’t have to look at the vampire behind him. Before him stretched London’s Docklands, with the Canary Wharf tower rising into the night sky. The winding curve of the River Thames appeared black at this time of night, the only light reflected from the surrounding buildings. This place was nothing like his motherland, Russia, but, after almost fifty years, it was a place he’d come to think of as home.

Nikolai shook his head then turned to his visitor. “You know I like to keep my business clean, Ivan.”

The second vampire was dark compared to his own fair looks, and had been older when he’d been turned, too, in his early thirties rather than late twenties as Nikolai had been. Both men were smartly dressed, though Ivan appeared more ruffled than normal, his tie yanked to one side, the top button of his shirt open. Nikolai’s shirt was also open, and he didn’t wear a tie. The sleeves of his shirt were rolled up his forearms, but he’d done this deliberately. Ivan’s dishevelled appearance looked less intentional.

The other vampire’s lips pursed. “You’re making a far bigger deal of this than it really is.”

Nikolai cocked an eyebrow. “Investing three million pounds into my funds is a big deal.”
“Bullshit. You deal with bigger funds every day.”
“Yeah, and I know exactly where that money is coming from. Don’t try to tell me this money is going to be clean. We both know Deacon Thorn deals in some dodgy shit.”
Ivan shrugged. “He used to have the occasional thing on the side, but he’s been moving away from all of that for a long time. His clubs are all legit now, and he wants to continue with everything being legal, which is why he asked me to come to you. I guess he thought you’d understand, what with your background.”
Nikolai frowned at him. “And why should he ask you for anything, Ivan? What did you do? What is it you owe him? Is it just about the money? If it’s about money, I have plenty. I’ll just pay whatever you owe.”
But Ivan shook his head. “No, it’s not. And he doesn’t only want the money. He wants an investment opportunity, and he likes how everyone knows you’re always above board. That’s why he asked me to come to you.”
“I won’t be above board if I start to get involved with that son of a bitch.”
Ivan’s dark eyes grew hard. “I’m asking one simple thing from you, Nikolai. Stop making such a big deal out of it.”
“Investing millions into my funds is not a simple thing.”
“All it would take you is the click of a key on a computer.” His shoulders slumped and his tone changed to pleading. “Just come and meet with him, Nikolai. He’s not as bad as the rumours make out. He’s a businessman, just like you and I.”
“He’s a wolf.” Nikolai wrinkled his nose. “That’s never a good thing in my book.”
“You should judge people on who they are, not what they are,” Ivan scolded. “People aren’t exactly fond of vampires either, you know.”
Nikolai gave a cold laugh. “Well, he fails on both who and what he is.”
He turned back to look out at the London skyline. Normally, the expanse of lights brought him some comfort, but tonight he found he could only focus on his reflection staring back at him. Nikolai’s eyes were a pale shade of blue, almost appearing silvery in some light. His dark blond hair was just a shade away from brown. The effect, together with his pale skin, made his reflection look like a ghost, and he found the thought unnerving.
Ivan exhaled a frustrated lungful of air. “I hope you’re not saying no to me, Nikolai, not after everything I did for you.”
“That was a long time ago.”
“And I’ve never asked for a single thing in return. If it wasn’t for me, you’d be dead, and most of your family would have been wiped out.”
“Most of them are gone now anyway,” he growled.
“That tends to happen after fifty years walking the earth, but they have descendents, which they wouldn’t have if I’d not stepped in.”
Everything Ivan said was the truth. Nikolai had moved to London not long after he’d turned him from human to vampire. He’d had to in order to escape theBratva—the Russian mafia—with which his family had been deeply involved. He was killed by a rival family who had put out a hit on him because they hadn’t liked some of the contacts he was making. They’d shot him and left him for dead in the middle of a frozen alleyway. But a vampire had stumbled across him and had turned him then and there, feeding him from his own veins, and leaving fresh blood drops in the white snow.
Ivan turning him meant Nikolai was able to kill the man who had ordered the hit, but knowing what he was, he worried it would come back on his family, so he left Moscow for London. He’d never been back, but that didn’t mean he didn’t miss the place with every fibre of his soul. He often wondered what the next generations were doing, if they’d managed to get out of the organised crime business, or if his family’s ancestors were still deeply involved. He hoped they’d made it out, but that was their business now. It wouldn’t do any of them any good for him to re-enter their lives. He’d cause them more trouble than anything else.
A low growl of anger rumbled deep in Nikolai’s chest. If it had been anyone else asking this of him, he would have caught them up by the throat and thrown them from his penthouse by now, but this wasn’t anyone. Ivan Sokolov made him who he was today, and he owed him more than just his life.
“If you won’t say yes right away, at least come and meet with Deacon. He’ll be able to convince you that he’s genuine about wanting to do business with you.”
Nikolai scowled. “I don’t doubt that. It’s the kind of business he wants to do that’s the problem.”
“He trusts you, Nikolai. He’s seen you have a head for the market, and he thinks you’re the one who can make his money grow.”
“It’s where that money is coming from that concerns me.”
Ivan’s lips thinned, his nostrils flaring. “One meeting, Nikolai. That’s all I ask. Surely you can’t refuse me that?”                                                                                         
Nikolai clenched his jaw, his fists balled at his sides. Ivan had put him in an impossible place. His maker had never asked for a single thing from him as thanks and had helped him take down the man who’d arranged to end his human life—something that hadn’t been easy when he’d been a new vampire and not yet in control of his bloodlust. Ivan had taught him everything, and he wouldn’t have the life he had now if it hadn’t been for Ivan’s help. He was only asking for a meeting, and then Nikolai could tell the wolf to get lost face-to-face, if that was what he decided. He would be able to take the blame, rather than it falling on Ivan.
“Fine,” he relented. “Arrange the meeting.”
Ivan’s shoulders relaxed. “Thank you. I’ll set up a meeting for tomorrow night.”
Nikolai lifted a finger. “First, one thing. What did you do to give a wolf something to hold over you?”
Ivan pulled a face. “I slept with his daughter.”

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Rebel Dragon by Anna Lowe

Off to Maui for a relaxing vacation? Hardly. Surfer Jenna Monroe is on the run from a stalker who lusts after her blood. Instead of combing the beach for lost treasures, she’s forced to venture deep into the terrifying world of shape shifters. There, even the good guys are hard to trust — all except for the hot-blooded rebel she can’t get out of her head.

Connor Hoving and his band of Special Forces shifters were planning to leave trouble behind by moving to Maui, but destiny has other ideas. His whole future — and that of his brothers — depends on acing his new job as head of security at an exclusive seaside estate. But Connor can barely get his inner dragon to focus with alluring, off-limits Jenna around. Can this rebel dragon learn to play by the rules when his fated mate’s life is on the line?


A bead of sweat built on her brow as Jenna concentrated on the feel of Connor’s body and the angle of the knife. The position of his elbow as he demonstrated the move, and the way the blade turned in her hand. Somehow, sensual and practical became one, and it didn’t matter which was which anymore.
“Now push my arm away, and aim here…” he murmured, pointing at a dip in his collarbone.
She was tempted to aim her lips there instead, but okay. As long as she got to stay this close to him…
Even cold and calculating terms like dig for the clavicular artery or go for the soft tissue of the neck wafted like clouds across the sky of her mind.
Connor started changing up his moves, catching her off guard, making the exercise more realistic. Then he pinned her arms behind her back. She wiggled and grunted, struggling to get free.
“So, are you ready to give up?” he asked, an inch from her ear.
Her blood rushed. “Hell no.”
He chuckled. “Good.”
He showed her how to break out of that hold, too, which was her favorite move yet. She got to go from having her back held firmly against Connor’s chest to turning to face him from an inch away.
“Now, let’s suppose he pushes you to the ground…” Connor said, hooking his foot around hers.
She didn’t fall because he lowered her gently and followed her down, pinning her knife hand above her head. His knees came down on either side of her hips, and his bare chest came parallel to hers.
Not a single alarm went off in Jenna’s mind, because it wasn’t intimidating at all. Just…good. Solid. Snug and secure. Her body was all achy, though, and her lips yearned for his.
“So you need to consider your options,” he said in a slightly hoarse voice.
Oh, she was considering her options, all right. Like using her free hand to guide his head down and get those hungry lips within reach.
His mouth opened and closed. A bead of sweat slid down his brow. That tic started up in his right cheek exactly as it had the night they’d kissed.
“Am I doing this right?” she mumbled, running her free hand along his ribs.
Connor closed his eyes and held perfectly still. “Too right,” he rasped.
Good. Then she’d do it a little more.
“I found a problem,” she whispered, tilting her head so that her hair swung away from her eyes.
“What problem?” His gaze dropped to her lips.
“What if I don’t want to get free?”
His nostrils flared, and he lowered his body until his chest rested on hers. Most of the weight was on his arms, making his biceps bulge.
“That is a problem,” he rumbled. “Especially since I don’t want to let you go.”