Monday, January 16, 2017

What I'm Reading This Week


 99¢ SALE 

Untouchable Lover
Rosalie Redd

Bonding to a female shifter is not part of King Noeh’s plan, not until his goddess insists he take a queen by the next full moon or lose his crown. When he rescues a beautiful female from the enemy’s grasp a forbidden attraction blooms, and he must decide between his kingdom and his heart.

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TL Clarke

This Alien Warrior and heir to the throne will protect—kill—any who dare attempt to take his female.



Nico's Heart
Dawn Sullivan

With her daughter missing and no leads, Jenna asked for help from the only place she could turn to. When RARE agreed to help, they had no idea how complicated one mission would get. Now the race was on to not only save Lily’s life, but the lives of several others.

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Monday, January 9, 2017

What I'm reading this week


99¢ ~ FR*EE in Kindle Unlimited

Kim Faulks

Marcus Kane is the first of twelve. Dragon-born in the sign of Taurus he carries all the traits of the bull -- the good and the bad. He's strong-willed, unbreakable. Deadly on land and in the sky, but when Marcus falls in love, he falls hard.



The Fifth Moon's Wolf
Monica La Porta

Valentine’s arranged marriage should only have one outcome: his heir. But what happens when he falls for his wife?

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NEW ~ 99¢ ~ FR*EE in Kindle Unlimited

Lisa Carlisle

After watching my mother die, becoming a Blood Courtesan is key to my future in medicine. With loans racking up, all I have to do is pretend I want the money for tuition, and I’m hired. No one can know the real reason for wanting this job. It was only meant to be three nights, but can I walk away?


NEW ~ 99¢

A K Michaels

Money. Freedom. Escape. That’s my only reason for selling myself, body and blood, to Maxwell Steele, this cold and lethal being before me.


NEW ~ 99¢ ~ FR*EE in Kindle Unlimited

Monica La Porta

Once a princess, now a blood courtesan. Will my vampire master be a prince? Or a monster? 


NEW ~ 99¢ ~ FR*EE in Kindle Unlimited

Julia Mills

She trusted him with her future. How could she have known it was her heart she had to protect…

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wolf Pack New Year's Resolution Hop! Jan 9 - Jan 13


*Authors will contact you if you are a winner.*

*You do not need to do anything except check your messages*

Jane Ellen O ($10 gift card) & Katie W (e-book)Tmonique Stephens - 1 $10 gift card and 1 e-book

Heather Q Tami Lund - 1 $10 Amazon gift card

Joelle RTabitha Conall - 1 e-book of The Alpha's Downfall box set

Maurya MSedona Venez - 1 $10 Amazon gift card

Sarah Makela - 1 $5 Amazon gift card

Leeanna C - Rosalie Redd - 1 Rosalie Redd e-book of your choice

Kathy KRachel Leigh Smith - 1 e-book of To Hold A Siren's Heart

Leanna CMichelle Fox - 1 $10 gift card

Emily OWolf Pack Authors Page - 1 $25 gift card

Melissa Snark - 1 $5 gift card

Mary Margaret D & Renee BLori King - 2 $10 Amazon gift cards

Dianne KLisa Carlisle - 1 e-book of Knights of Stone: Lachlan

Kimberley CKiki Howell - 1 $10 Amazon Gift Card

Victoria LJami Brumfield - 1 $10 gift card

Shannon CElsa Jade - Wolf Pack-inspired earrings

Caroline TDebbie Herbert - 1 copy of Bayou Wolf (print in the US, digital otherwise)

These giveaways are not associated with Facebook and Facebook has no responsibility for them.

Join the Wolf Pack!

Wolf Pack New Year's Resolution Hop!

Ever wonder what a hunky shifter or a spunky heroine would make as a New Year's resolution? Or maybe you're interested in what a Wolf Pack author is resolving for the New Year. Now is your chance to find out!

Some Wolf Pack authors are posting resolutions for their characters on their Facebook pages. Plus, each author is hosting a gi*ve*aw*ay!

How This Hop Works:

-- below is a list of participating authors, the links to their Facebook pages and their gi*ve*aw*ay prizes
-- start by clicking on an author's Facebook link (their name)
-- enter the author's giveaway by liking, sharing or commenting on the giveaway post (it should be pinned at the top of their page, with the fox graphic above)
-- repeat through the list - you can enter each giveaway for more chances to win!

Tmonique Stephens - 1 $10 gift card and 1 e-book

Tami Lund - 1 $10 Amazon gift card

Tabitha Conall - 1 e-book of The Alpha's Downfall box set

Sedona Venez - 1 $10 Amazon gift card

Sarah Makela - 1 $5 Amazon gift card

Rosalie Redd - 1 Rosalie Redd e-book of your choice

Rachel Leigh Smith - 1 e-book of To Hold A Siren's Heart

Michelle Fox - 1 $10 gift card

Wolf Pack Authors Page - 1 $25 gift card

Melissa Snark - 1 $5 gift card

Lori King - 2 $10 Amazon gift cards

Lisa Carlisle - 1 e-book of Knights of Stone: Lachlan

Kiki Howell - 1 $10 Amazon Gift Card

Jami Brumfield - 1 $10 gift card

Elsa Jade - Wolf Pack-inspired earrings

Debbie Herbert - 1 copy of Bayou Wolf (print in the US, digital otherwise)


Join the Wolf Pack!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Just One More... What I'm reading this week

Here are the reads I one clicked this week and am planning to enjoy while curled up on the couch in front of the fire as my Christmas tree twinkles in the background. As busy as the holidays are, there are pockets of time where I can just stop and drop with a book.  I look forward to those moments, where I can just slow down and get away from the daily grind, all year!

Eternity: Descendants of Ra Book 1
Tmonique Stephens


Only a cursed man would wait 2000 years for one woman. Roman Nicolis has tracked his lovers’ soul through each reincarnation, only to lose her horribly every time. He’s been her friend, her neighbor, her confidante, but never again her lover . . . until now.
Camael's Battle
Michele E. Gwynn

99¢ SALE

In love, and about to become a father for the first time, the archangel Camael finds himself living a nightmare when his beloved goes missing. The Dark Ones have taken her, plotting to use her and her unborn child to release Lucifer from the pit of a thousand years. If they succeed, it will be all-out war in the heavens as Hell is unleashed on earth.
Deviant Warrior
Brenda Trim and Tami Julka

99¢ SALE ~ FR*EE in Kindle Unlimited

The archangel Camael finds himself living a nightmare when his beloved goes missing. The Dark Ones have taken her, plotting to use her and her unborn child to release Lucifer from the pit of a thousand years. If they succeed, it will be all-out war in the heavens as Hell is unleashed on earth.
Cloaked in Christmas
T.F. Walsh

NEW ~ 99¢

Is love powerful enough to win when two sexy wolf shifters, an unwelcome past, and animalistic urges wreak havoc on the holiday season?
The Immortals Boxed Set (1-3)
Monica La Porta


Ancient evils still wander the streets of Rome. Only a few heroes have the power to stop them. Follow a group of friends, united in immortality by fate and the gods’ whims, as they battle their inner demons and try to save the world.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Check out the Twelve Days of Christmas 99cent Romance Book Blast & Kindle Fire Giveaway! #99cents #giveaway #bookblast

Twelve Days of Christmas 99cent Romance Book Blast 
& Kindle Fire + $25 Giveaway!

Yes, that's right, from December 14th through to December 25th, Christmas Day, we have some gift giving to do!

Just for the holidays, a group of authors got together and put their books on sale for 99 cents! 
And, cause 'tis the season of giving, one lucky giveaway entrant will win a Kindle Fire + $25 Amazon Gift Card to get them started! 

So, ladies and gents, click the link below to be swept off to the magical place where all these books are yours to grab and the giveaway is just waiting for you to enter!

Special Thanks To All The Contributing Authors
Gina Kincade
Kiki Howell
Angelica Dawson
Bethany Shaw
Laxmi Hariharan
Muffy Wilson
Dominique Eastwick
Aubree Lane
Cecilia Dominic
Michele E. Gwynn
Trim and Julka
Cara Wylde
C.E. Wilson Author
Aurora Woodlove
Kharma Kelley
Leilani Love
Angel Lawson
Elle Boon
Lucy Leroux
Olivia Arran
Michelle Fox
Nancy Corrigan
Jamie Magee
Michele Bardsley
Rinelle Grey
Erzabet Bishop
Ani Gonzalez
Elianne Adams
Savannah Verte
Lisa Blackwood
Crystal Dawn
Calinda B
D.j. Shaw

Enter the Giveaway before you rush off to the book page.
(Though it's there, too)

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wolf Pack 99 Cent Sale & Giveaway! Dec 7 - 9 2016




The Wolf Pack authors have set up a special sale

--  99¢ or f*r*e*e -- 

just for you!

Scroll to the bottom of this page for a special giveaway!

Sale ends Friday!

REMEMBER:  Check prices before you buy. They can change without notice.

If you see a book that isn't 99¢ or fr*ee, please check back later as price changes may be delayed.

Dragons were real. But history erased them. Find out why. And discover the love story that kept the magic alive.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonAU   AmazonCA   Nook   iBooks   Kobo

She's looking for freedom, not a mate, but can she ignore the sparks flying between her and the big, bad wolf?

Curl up with ghosts, vampires, shifters and other spooky heroes looking for love. Will be unpublished THIS month. Get it now!

An earth witch and a sea witch fall in love while battling ravagers and prejudice to save their world.

As a child I was stolen--now they've given me to a vampire...

Tyne walks a fine line to win his curvy mate.

Always Be Yourself -- Unless You Can Be A Unicorn...

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonAU   AmazonCA

Bonding to a female shifter is not part of King Noeh’s plan, not until his goddess insists he take a queen by the next full moon or lose his crown. 

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonAU   AmazonCA   Nook   iBooks   Kobo

When you stir a hornet’s nest, you should always be prepared for what might come out. 

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonAU   AmazonCA   Nook   iBooks   Kobo   ARe

Determined to save her cousin, a headstrong female werewolf goes head to head with her two mates.

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Curl up for the holidays with these heartwarming and sexy tales from some of your favorite paranormal authors.

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Get caught up on the epic paranormal romance series of HOT Scottish Vampires and a love that spans centuries--vampires, shifters and more.

Ula’s instincts warn the dark shifter from Portugal is up to something—but oh, he makes her body hum…

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonAU   AmazonCA   Nook   iBooks   Kobo

A love story about a dragon who falls for a witch. Their love is forbidden and no one wants to see them together, will they have a HEA?

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonAU   AmazonCA   Nook   iBooks   Kobo

A wannabe witch who sucks at spells must find her inner magic to work with a changeling and nab a Pixie serial killer. 

The clock is ticking—if we have any chance of saving our cities, I must convince Asher I am his Queen before the Blood Moon

A gentlewoman will do whatever it takes to rescue her captive werewolf betrothed.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonAU   AmazonCA   Nook   iBooks   Kobo   GooglePlay   ARe

A deadly predator and a fierce protector but when Fate's involved, not even Jaxon can fight Destiny.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonAU   AmazonCA   Nook   iBooks   Kobo

A fae witch, a rock star, and a passionate paranormal affair…

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonAU   AmazonCA   Nook   iBooks   Kobo

A hunter and a wolf-shifter search for a missing man in a quest that takes them to a remote Arizona town, a haunted hotel, and a lost gold mine.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonAU   AmazonCA   Nook   iBooks   Kobo

Can a shapeshifting ex-con get a second chance at love?

When a dominant alpha meets a human female their attraction sizzles, but can they brave the coming storm together?

Kill the beast. Save your brother. Win your freedom. No problem. Falling in love with the cop trying to arrest you? Problem.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonAU   AmazonCA   Nook

Everyone Lara loves, dies. All she wants is to be numb, and she's about to get her wish...

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonAU   AmazonCA   Nook   iBooks   Kobo

This Alien Warrior will fight—kill—any who dare attempt to take his female.

Private investigators Gavin and Liam find their mate, Bridget, while on a case, and must unravel the clues to her past in order to get her to commit.

AmazonUS   AmazonUK   AmazonAU   AmazonCA   Nook   iBooks   Kobo   ARe

Can love save her soul from an ancient curse?

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